Candy Coated Delirious Wallpaper March 29th, 2010 by b-knox

Well, hell. I have an ear infection. I’m dizzy and I don’t like loud noises. Unlike me, really. So… let’s take a two hour nap, drink a lot of fluids, and chill out to a photoshop text effect tutorial.

Candy Coated, a delicious treat! While I don’t have the typeface Sugar Pie, I do have Bello. So let’s get to this! I want everyone to see what an ear ache my eye can do for desktop wallpapers. :D

…and I’m pleased with the results. Until it gets underneath my desktop icons. VERTIGO AYEEEEE!!! We’ll try something else…

Don’t be daft. Click to see the full glory. On both of them?!?! zOMG!

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