Opening for MC Frontalot August 17th, 2011 by b-knox

I’ll be honest, I first heard of MC Frontalot when he played Ann Arbor’s Top of the Park summer festival a couple years back. I missed The OneUps opening up, but even weirder was the house music between the acts was Battle of the Bits Winter Chip II compilation. Somehow the website I built was featured, it was Eli’s fault. That whole night was Eli’s fault. Eli who selected me to judge a grade school LEGO competition. Eli who I will prolly see tomorrow night.

Oh, yes, tomorrow night. I need to rehearse! ^__^;

This will be my 2nd time opening for Frontalot at the Pig. I think I only get this gig because I work there, but It also seems I’m a good fit. Let’s rock the paw out this mutha!!!!

$15 – All Ages
Doors at 8pm

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