World Famous Melvins MELVAN March 7th, 2012 by b-knox

teh Melvan

I was kind of blown away by this ebay auction.  Since I’ve been at work today, there have been 24 additional bids taking the price from $14k to $20.8k with 6 days to go.  So what’s a melvan?  It’s a van that was used by the Melvins for touring purposes.

It hasn’t been driven in 14 years.  The Melvins still tour and are not looking back.  So why does anyone care about this dilapidated junk?  Because the Melvins did a lot of gigs and tours with Nirvana.  Not only did the late Kurt Cobain drive it sometimes, but he also drew a mural of KISS on the outside using permanent markers stolen from a store that Melvins’ frontman, Buzz, used to work at.

Shouldn’t this thing be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  Well, maybe.  I went there once and I was told to leave because my beard wouldn’t fit through the turnstile.  Plus, the RnRHoF is a rather clean place – they prefer memorabilia, not evidence of a true rock and roll lifestyle.

The seller’s biggest fear over this auction is that someone will blowtorch off Kurt’s artistic merit and scrap the rest of the melvan.  Who would do such a thing!  Doesn’t everyone have a space in their garage to house unusable large vehicles?

Allz I know is I wanna roll around in the back of the melvan where there are most likely sex stains from real-to-god rock and rollers.

P.S. – the melvan’s license registration expired on April 1994, the month that Cobain died.

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