Laura Palmer the drink December 11th, 2012 by b-knox

I was perusing a bar’s cocktail menu and saw a drink named Laura Palmer. The ingredients include Maker’s Mark whiskey, fresh sour mix, orange bitters and a cherry. Interesting combo, I would definitely give it a try. The cherry is more of a callback to Audrey Horn and that tie a cherry stem into a knot in your mouth trick than Laura Palmer. Oh well.

Ok, but is this drink really a thing? So I snooped around. I found someone describing a “citrusy/vodka” drink. Perhaps they meant this : equal parts tequila, triple sec, vodka with pineapple juice and lemon. I would try that also.

And then there is another camp on the Laura Palmer drink and that’s an extension of the Arnold Palmer which is a virgin drink made of equal parts ice tea and lemonade. All these recipes call for a dark liquor like spiced rum or Jagermeister. But these type of drinks have yet another name : the Schwarzenegger or the Californian Arnold Palmer. Obscure drinks named after household words, names and celebrities are likely to vary greatly. The Schwarzenegger can also be dark rum, brandy and a dash of lime juice. And to really round it out, here’s the Arnie Palmer : a shot of vodka, fill with lemonade, splash in some ice tea.

I tried to find a video of Laura Palmer and Donna Hayward doing a shot at the bar with them two studs, whats-his-name and Buck. I remember it being a dark liquid, but am not sure. I did, however, find this awesome Sesame Street parody of Twin Peaks though!!

Regardless which route you go should you have a Twin Peaks party, you might not want to try this drink –

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