Weekly Beat #00 – 90bpm April 27th, 2010 by b-knox

Alright, I’m gonna try sumptin’ out here, alright? Inspired by drummist Ryan Gruss’s blog, I will do my utter mostest to get a drumloop posted on every Monday from now until epic miserable fail.  That’s a promise!  :D/

So, for this, the first installment, I did what I will probably do every time, what came naturally.  Au, so naturale!  I busted out famitracker and did a slightly downtempo/hip-hop beat at 90bpm.  If you open the .ftm source file you’ll see I worked at 180bpm.  When using a tracker, doubling your tempo is the difference between 16th notes and 32nds.  You thus get twice the rhythmic detail to work with.  Quadruple your tempo and your work resolves around 64ths.  You get the idea…

I’ve been doubling my snares with a clap lately and this loop is no exception.  I used only the NES’s noise and dpcm channels.  I made a pitch swishy noise snare and put a 909 clap along it’s side.  Maybe next time I’ll try to create a clap sound with noise… the possibilities are endless!!  This is chiptune, galldurnit!!

[audio:http://b-knox.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/b-knox-weekly-beat-00-90bpm.mp3|titles=b-knox – weekly beat #00 – 90bpm]

download b-knox weekly beat #00 – 90bpm
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