A week is too short!  ^__^;

This week I resolved to get this done as quickly as possible and still keep it interesting.  Oh whatever should I do? I whipped open my Renoise and the included 808 drumkit. 

I decided to do something with a lot of bounce. Shuffle, skip and swing are all adjectives used to describe this type of rhythm. It’s applied in all sorts of genres including jazz and psychobilly.

Pictured at right is the beginning of my pattern data.  In the Master column you see an alternating effect command.  F2xx sets the Ticks Per Beat.  Now the pattern rhythmically swings.  I wrote 8 quick measures and applied a little distortion for teh funs.  \:D/

[audio:http://b-knox.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/b-knox-weekly-beat-01-120bpm.mp3|titles=b-knox weekly beat #01 – 120bpm]

zip includes .wav .mp3 and Renoise source

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