Between Roiners – my new ep May 19th, 2011 by b-knox

Whulp, I’ve been busy again.  After a nice vacation in California with my parents to visit my grandfather and sister, I came home to a request for betamod a release.  I said, “Why not?”  I used all my spare time for a week to compose a hundfull of originals, touching up a few OHB tracks; presenting to you all . . .

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE (link on page reads “ZIP FILE”)

. . . or preview a track here —
bediddle stump thrusters by Baron Knoxburry

“Between Roiners” was made possibly by a short stack of circumstances.  The biggest being the recent notion : “b-knox must be prolific.”  If I want to be playing more gigs then I need more people to hear the music.  I’m a smart beard.  I can do this.  Pacing.  It will require pacing; bouncing away from web development more often.

I’d like to be a musical asset rather than another hungry mouth.

Mad props go out to Tony Gallo who runs betamod, writes teh random melancholy text for each release, and invited yours-truly to join his roster at the right time.  Check out his video, though I’m not sure that’s him, it is cute as shit! Now, if I could catchup and honor the four or so other netlabels that have asked over the last two years.  If anyone wants to float me some cash then check out my previous release – Nova Plain, Slopped, and Salted from 2009.  zOMG.  I have work to do!  ^___^;

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