The LSDJ manual comes with an example for the pulse wave kick drum. My variation is on the right. I often use F1 on the volume envelope for a quick kick but if I want a long boom I use F3 to F6.  I keep the sweep envelope the same (and remember this sweep effect only works on the PU1 channel).  C-5 seems to be a happy trigger for the kick’s sweep.

But reserving a pulse channel for the kick can be restrictive to your harmonies.  Sure, you can fit notes between the kicks but sometimes that just won’t do. Let’s explore some more!

The wave channel features built-in sample banks known as ‘kits’.  You can use two kits simultaneously and they come out software mixed. For the most part, the samples have shite quality and I prefer to use this channel for a growly synth bass. For kicks, try doubling the 808 kick and the 909 or Linndrum kicks. Having the bass line play in between the kicks can make for funky syncopations!

[audio:|titles=lsdj kit n synth groove]lsdj kit n synth groove.mp3

Googling the net, I stumbled upon an old 8bc thread where Ikuma explained his method for synthesizing a kick drum (pictured below). Personally, I had a hard time getting it loud enough and keeping it bassy. If you want to use this method you should compensate the volume in the rest of your instruments.  I tried triggering this with all the octaves and C-8 seemed to have the most punch.

Last, but not least, the noise channel.  I played around a lot with this but I’m thinking there might be a better way (either that or the NES’s 2A03 is superior in my ears).  C-3 seems to be the best pitch but, again, the kick sounds rather flat, kind of quiet and lacking punch.  If you try out C-5 with this same instrument LSDJ plays back a textured snare-like sound which, incidentally, is a bit louder.  So I tried layering the noise and wave kicks and it seemed to work for volume compensation. With this particular ‘combination method’ we have freed up our two pulse channels but used up the two remaining.

[audio:|titles=lsdj kick samples]lsdj kick samples.mp3

Pulse bent bass drum kick wins out in my book but that won’t keep me from trying new things!

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  1. arlen says:

    you dont know how to make kick drums on the gameboy.

  2. b-knox says:

    Oh, I found Sabrepulse’s tutorial with a chunk about using a table with the either pulse channel for a similar effect —

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    hi there. just subscribed to your rss feed, thanks bro

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