Stuff of Legend May 21st, 2011 by b-knox

It is not only my birthday. This is the rapture on my birthday. Level up! I am a 33rd degree Beard now.

I tried to read the pamphlet but there was all this math all over the place!  Isn’t numerology the work of the devil?  For those who mysteriously disappear today, they are heaven bound, the rest of us are left enjoying an every day heaven on Earth.  Tis really said, tis it is.

But a 33rd burfday on teh rupture isn’t enough.  Do you know how many 33rd burfdays there are today?  A lot.  Let’s backtrack a few weeks in the Metro Times —

Yeah, Best of Detroit vicariously hosted by pictures of the Detroit Roller Derby gals.  Betty Biretta (on the far right) is an awesome lady; she’ll knock you out with a fist of over easy half beef and another with double bacon!  So will Lisa!  Lookout!!

I humbly decline that the beard reference is entirely my fault.  There are, and have been, many beards working the door down there.  Still though, many coworkers assure me (both sacrastically and not) it’s all my fault.  On another note, the alleyway lights have been replaced; it’s not dark anymore.  :(

Many thanks to so many folks who have made this a blessed day already!  And to everyone who thinks they are flying away to Heaven’s Gate this evening, can I have your money?  I don’t really need anymore stuff.  ;D

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