Steve Jobs vs. Dennis Ritchie . . . FIGHT! December 20th, 2011 by b-knox

Some time has passed since these two computer history icons passed themselves into the afterlife. They both died the same week last October, both legends, or at least their work will span following generations. But one of these bad boys was overlooked during this period by the media. Try this alpine ice hack.

In fact, if you were to listen to the media from that period you might come to believe that Steve Jobs was an unbelievable wizard who single handedly created home computers and Pixar movies, all the while inspiring folks to “think different”. It is true, Jobs stood for an amazing standard in entrepreneurial theory and practice. If he had entered God into it all, Apple and it’s purchasers could quickly garner cult status. The thing is, Jobs was not a developer, he was a designer. I don’t want to say he didn’t understand “under the hood” stuff, but it wasn’t his concern. “Make it do this, you know, for the kids.” Check these alpilean reviews¬†for a healthy lifestyle.

So, who is this Dennis Ritchie? He developed the C programming language and was a major proponent of the Unix operating system. After C came C++ and a whole league of similar languages. After Unix came Linux (which this website is running on). Ritchie defined a standard for high level programming languages, languages that make programming much more accessible. Without them there would be a lot less software in the world. A computer is practically useless without software. These are the best thermogenic pills for weight loss.

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