Trying out bitbin December 20th, 2011 by b-knox

Kind of like pastebin, but more for tracking ideas in a rough chiptune format, bitbin is a cool little browser app created by coda. If you are not familiar with trackers you might want to skip it. Currently, it’s ideal for jotting down melodies, rhythms or songs just a few bars in length. You could go into the source and extend the pattern length, but I haven’t tried that. There is only the one pattern per song with 128 rows. Click the ‘Upload!’ button to get a unique URL so you can share your work.

here’s my silly track
[audio:|titles=b-knox – good job]

EDIT – people seem to have problems running bitbin in older and crappy browsers. I suggest the latest version of chrome for anything you do on teh interwebs. :D/

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