Replacing the NES 72 pin Connector April 16th, 2012 by b-knox

I was in Austin, TX a few weeks ago. It happened to be around the SXSW festival, so every business around was trying to be a venue. Herr Prof was doing a two hour chiptune stint at Game Over Video Games, and somehow or other we got in contact. Next thing I know, I am offered some set time at this event.

It was a little awkward.  The crowd that was there was there to see Descendants of Erdrick, a local video game music cover band.  So while I performed they were setting up out front in the parking lot, distracting folks from my performance (which was really just me playing back tracks because I was missing everything from my rig except my laptop).

Regardless, I had a blast looking around this store (there’s a museum in the back) and trying not to go apeshit buying vintage video game crap.  I picked up a nice A/V cable for the Commodore, a couple Atari 2600 games I had lost at the firteen house, and a replacement 72-pin connector for my NES.  And this isn’t even the main store!

Yeah, so I do stuff on the kitchen counter.  Exchanging the connector was a bit more work than I thought it would be.  Somewhere around 20 screws later I got the old one out and popped the new one in.  It’s supposed to make your NES load cartridges like it’s brand new!

Oh, look at that!  I can’t tell if it’s better or worse!  Balloon Fight was the only cart I could get to load cleanly enough to play.  It didn’t last that long either.  How do I justify buying a power pak if I don’t even have a working NES?

At least I had fun at the store.  Descendants of Erdrick kicked ass and it was nice to see Herr Prof in meatspace once again, think it’s been about three years! Wish I was better at remembering to take pictures.  :D

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