80’s Movies Synth Music October 4th, 2012 by b-knox

Yeah, I’m going through a phase. I’m rediscovering what I grew up believing to be wretched cheese. Rancid buttcheese if you will. I’m talking about 80’s studio production practices especially when it’s mostly electronic instruments gated with chincy reverb saturated ad nauseam. Yes.

I’ve been watching some VHS tapes whilst cooking and devouring breakfast lately.  Thought I’d share some fun tracks that I forgot about (or didn’t).

Critters – End Credits Music

Kind of cute, kind of long, but, hey, it’s the credits for an 80’s sci-fi horror dark comedy mishmash of awesome.

My Science Project – End Credits Music

This one has the honor of being synthpop with a direct correlation between the movies title and the lyrics of the chorus. Plus epicly sleazy bonus moments of Vinnie clowning around the school.

The Terminator – Tunnel Chase Theme

Every time I watch this scene I feel like I have not been listening to the background score until then. This track is hilarious with its fidgety bassline and giant orchestral stabs.

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