Let Me Get Over – a hit single! November 23rd, 2015 by b-knox

Released back in July, I managed to get my ass onto the Chiptunes=Win Vol 4 compilation.  It’s a fun track.  I had fun writing, recording and producing it.  DJ Cutman did a good job mastering all the tracks.  Here it is below:

And here is a great review of it from the chiptuneswin blog!!

My first thought when hearing this song was “When did Primus start doing chiptunes?” Seriously, this is song is like slapping the extra adapter on your copy of Sonic 3 so you can play as Les Claypool in the Carnival Night Zone. This is the song I started to reference in the first paragraph with regards to road rage. This song, despite being jaunty and comical with its pizzicato strings and bouncy whistling under the vocals, is a song about dealing with idiot drivers and the rage that builds as a result. I didn’t realize songs could be cathartic in this way. After having done a lot of traveling tonight and coming back to hear this song, I can guarantee the lyrics, at some points almost spat through gritted teeth, get across a feeling I know quite well but until now had only been able to express via high-beams and finger gestures.

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