Baron Knoxburry takes the stage with a voice, a ukulele, and an arsenal of personal computing power all wielded with vivacious cosmic turboality. The Atari Paddle controlled Commodore VIC-20 booms and scratches against high fidelity and NES electronic compositions. The Baron aims to please, smacking you with chiptune, ukulele, caribbean, synth pop, thrash, and booty squeezing phattie beats. A one-man-band musical amalgamation.

Baron Knoxburry is simply a beard swaggering the pseudonym of Langel Janson L. Bookbinder Esq. XI wherever it thusly jaunts. Langel was born in Bakersfield, California in 1978 and grew up in Onsted, a quaint Michigan village.  Fourth grade influences included Bon Jovi, Weird Al and music of the NES.  He now epicly resides in Ann Arbor, MI bouncing and bussing at the Blind Pig.