“The crowd was so amped up by the stellar performances of chiptune ledgend Baron Knoxbury and our man Brandon … that by the time we emerged on stage the crowd broke out into wild cheers and screams.”
Ken Flagg

“electronic music has yet again burped up another new genre that can be best described as Chip-Skronk”
Free Music Archive

“…designing growly soundscapes which wisely implement synths and electronic textures for the sake of stylistic variety.”

“Like his schizophrenic beats, his persona pulses. “
Philadelphia City Paper

“The harmonic distortion inherent in 8-bit music makes the sound supernaturally abrasive, and each note attacks like a glitch. Knoxburry’s supersonic spaceship music … is something that sounds retro, cheap, obnoxious and endearing all at once.”
Perfect Sound Forever